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The following jokes came as a package from: The Definitive List Of Techie Jokes: As compiled by readers of RATS newsgroup and Andy Kelk (
Q: What's the difference between the lighting tech and the sound tech?
A: The lighting tech washes his hands BEFORE he goes to the bathroom.
"You know.. I worked in the theatre for {insert relevant time perid}
beforeI learned that F***ingElectricians was really TWO words!"
Q: What do you call an electrician with a hammer?
A: Thief!
Q: What do you call a carpenter working in a panel?
A: Dead!
Q: Why don't you run over an electrician on a bicycle?
A: Might be your bike.
Q: What do you get when you make an electrician a carpenter?
A: A bad carpenter.
Q: What do you get when you make a carpenter an electrician?
A: A dead carpenter.
Q: How tall is the average union electrician?
A: Don't know. Never seen one stand up.
Q: How do you know when a union electrician is dead?
A: The doughnut rolls out of his hand.
From: Nigel A Conliffe <>:
Q: What's the most dangerous thing in a community theatre?
A: An actor with a power tool
`Next to the stars,'' says one veteran observer, ``sound people are the biggest prima donnas in the business.''
From: "Anthony W. Flint" <>:
Q: What's the difference between a sound guy and God?
A:God doesn't think he's a sound guy.
Q: Why do sound guy's say "check, one, two?"
A: If they could count any higher, they'd be a lighting tech.
Now, before I get thrashed, some of my best friends are sound guys ;) (Mark Leslie) Counters Anthony W. Flint's "Check, one, two" joke:
Actually, it's because they have to lift on 'three'.

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