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Mind you, there was one minor screwup last night. We ran Act I twice. The first time, the stage manager sat in the booth with me and 'called the cues' in conversation. The second time, we all went onto our headsets (Scott and I in the booth, and Rick the stage manager backstage somewhere). The belt clip on the radio headset was broken, so I laid the damn thing on the table. I promptly forgot that the two pieces of the headset were connected by a long cable. As the stage manager called cue 1, I reached over to turn the page on my script, caught the cable on my hand and pulled the radio off the table. The radio hit the booth floor. The back flew off the radio. The batteries fell out of the radio and at least two of them fell through a hole in the floor down under the seats somewhere. The headset flew off my head and almost knocked my glasses off.

There was a brief pause while we reassembled my headset and got back on-line.

In the silence that preceded the resumption of the rehearsal, Nancy (the directrix) commented that, "you know, when said with an English accent, 'mother-fucker' sounds quite gentle." The silence darkened further and the show proceeded apace.


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I'm English, living in New England, running lights for a local community theatre. We're starting off hell-weekand the following is extracted from my mail to a fellow thespian...

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