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If you can give these events some rules and guidelines mail them over and you will get credit! SM of Gull Lake High School sent in my favorite:
The Commando Scenery Hide:
Members of the stagecrew who should be waiting in the wings hide within the set on stage. Points will be awarded based on the color that the Stage Manager turns when they realize what is going on (Or the Tour Manager if the SM is in on it) and how obvious your hiding place would be if the audience only knew where to look. Point deductions occur if audience notices or cues are missed. Bonuses awarded for Debauched act commited while hidden on stage and for Hospitalization of supervisor (Due to Stress, Nervous Breakdown, Stroke etc.) Suggests:
The most creative way to signal an actor to move away from an exploding flashpot or pyrotechnic device. suggests these rules:
Place a flashpot centerstage of a set, soaked in gasoline. Place 3 actors around the flashpot. The contestant has precisely one minute to convince the actors, all of whom are engaged in lengthy monologues, to move offstage into somewhere somewhat safe. Points are awarded for whatever recognizable actor bits can be found.
James Jackson <> likes his rules better:
Use the most technical lingo possible to confuse the actors. Actors with thier ego wont deny that they have no clue what you just said and boom. One with the most points is the techie who blows the legs off the most actors. And relay the message to Mark Ronze that flashpots aren't loaded with gas it isnt a flash more of a burn!

From: "Adam M. Berns" <>
The beer chuging vacuume...
Avoiding the open cans of paint (too many people where always stepping into open cans of paint)
The catch yourself on fire while welding.. (from the light crew of the Aberdeen, MD High School Drama Department) suggests:
The most creative comment over a headset, which gets your stage manager back stage the fastest, making the most noise, screming at the top of his or her lungs, in the middle of the biggest scene.

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