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From: Nick Munro <>

The SM at our local rep. theatre is such an evil so-and-so, that she has a collection of little "jobs" for new ASMs or interns.

Here are hers and the head of LX's Any more out there?

Pack test a screwdriver
Rig a lantern on the skyhooks
focus that with a 10 foot long beam
put this gobo (gate cookie?) into that fresnel
trim the dimmers on the independents (non-dim)
Shave the hemps

Fetch: a metric AJ
Red white and blue paint
Dry ice fluid
Bucket of steam
a long weight (wait)
glass hammer and rubber nails

From: (Geoff George (COE-Transportation))

During focus sessions if a shutter just cant make the cut, I like to send
the "intern" to the tech director to ask for a spray can of beam stop.

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