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Low the story begind one night after a gig at UBSA(A temple of disco)

The techies had performed remarkably during the performance of dancing by the lowly actors and now the disco had begun.The techies stood in a huddle and the techie director said "ERRRRRR!!!!"with a wave of the hands, and from this one gesture they knew it was time for a break before the night of a thousand de-rigs.

But they stopped at the portal of the mighty UBSA temple the techie director speaketh

"What about the truly wonderous lighting desk,might not somebody half-inch it."

And Chris and Dave replied as one"who would be mad enough to steal a lighting desk."

With these immortal words they parted into the cold night air having agreed to meet back at eleven.

As the witching hour aproached the techie director and his assistant felt the desk call and found themselves before the ancient doors of UBSA,but the insignificant audience were still partying and little could be done. having looked around for a job we were held in holy wonderement from the green twinkle of the lighting desk. Strangly drawn they took its carry case and packed it into its holy foam.the sound desk also called although its voice was old and worn but it was taken into our arms and we took them both home.

On returning to the temple of UBSA we sat in a corner waiting for the music to abate.

Then movent caught our eye chris and dave had returned,they were performing strange gestures , then we hear again the "errr!!"and we knew they were unaware of the safety of the desk.

at this knowledge they panicked with flailing arms and whimpers of pain they searched,but the desk was nowhere,they asked two passersby where the desk was and they mockingly said,"Two blokes from the night club came and knicked it."

So chris did panick some more and went to consult the DJ but the oracle could not answer.

Just as they were about to give up they saw the sniggering forms of the directors in the corner and then they went ballistic and threatened to kill them by depriving them of the holy gaffer tape.

And the moral of this story,always find the techie director for he shall have the equipment.

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