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The Ten Tech Commandments

1 - Love thy gaffa as thou would love thyself.
2 - Honour thy SM and thy director.
3 - Thou shalt not get caught in light.
4 - Thou shalt not talk louder than a whisper.
5 - Thou shalt not covet another tech's headset / torch / blacks.
6 - Thou shalt not drop things from fly tower / catwalk.
7 - Thou shalt not crave sustenance other than coffee and cigarette.
8 - Thou shalt not kill another techie. Actors not inclusive.
9 - Thou shalt assist the actor when walking through the wings of darkness.
10 - Thous shalt be as God like as possible - fast, quiet, efficient.

Submitted by: Annemarie Driver <>
Written by: Paul Alaimo

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