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And lo a parcan in yonder western sky,did shine with `152' light. The nieve Fresher was attracted to its golden glow but alas there was no room at the proj. box."Try the rostra store where ye may well be able to find a place among the old damp sets of yesteryear."so the fair techie child arrived at the portal to the lowly store and stepped through to find its techie parents who had returned for freshers week. The fresher was quickly converted to techieism and began uttering the sacred words of `gaffa',`AJ' and `lecky' were among the prononcements.

And low on the second day three members of the ruling party of techie land did arrive bearing gifts of wonderment.
The first bought the backstage pager for communication is the second most holy virtue.
The second wearing a cape of black velvet bought the sacred roll of gaffa for no techie can be truly fulfilled without the wonderment of the gaffa.
The third addorned in strange headwear bought a strange cable which he described as "shedloads of these to shedloads of these."
The techie was truly amazed and grateful.
The three then left but not before promsing full and comprehensive training tyo all new fresher techies.
At this the techie parents could bare the silence no longer and burst into tears.

On the third day three more wise men/persons arrived.
Instead of gifts they bought pearls of wisdom.
The first,the director,spoke of the promised land,"One day you shall enter the promised land,the new theatre will be completed."
The second spoke of the treatment of lowly things,"Dont drag the chairs across the floor."
The third and finally visitor just stood there in silence for the masters were down and the amps were turned off. So no-one could hear St luke offer to buy a round of drinks

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