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Voice of the DSM on the desk during "1984":

"Stand by LX and SX.... Hang on, where are the stage crew? What do you mean, they went down the bar at the interval and didn't come back? Last time we get scene shifters from the rugby club.... Why is that box labelled Acme Rats? If you two in the box don't stop laughing, I'm going to come up there and hit you!"

Our beloved Sharon Jones.

Head of LX, after an observation in the box during "Steel Magnolias":

"Des, you on? Good. I just wanted to congratulate you. Why? Because you are the only person I have ever met that thinks magnolia is pale yellow, and you are the only person in history to produce two different shades of black on a flat using the same paint." Henceforth and from then on, the show was "Steel Yellows."

We also adhere to protocol:

"Heads up in box, guts coming in."

Well, I dropped them...

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