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From Magruder High School, MD drama department:
- Fastest, most creative way of convincing the actor who "wants to help" that he/she really is better off watching rehearsal.

- an award to the person to plug in a light to the _one_ dead circuit in the house.

- the best headset snide comments

- the best (insert type here) design that gets tossed by the wayside when your director decides to go the other way

- most creative method to get an essential prop onstage to the dumb-*** actor who forgot to get it.

- fastest time to figure out whether the problem with a light that isn't on is:
a) the dimmer isn't on
b) the circuit is dead (see idea #2)
c) the light is dead
d) one of the five cords stuck together in an attempt to plug the light into the very last available circuit in the house (which of course, is on the opposite side of the theater) is dead.

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