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Date: 21 Oct 1996 19:39:46 GMT
Subject: "Actors are cattle..."

First, "Ken Bolinsky" <> asked:

Now that I have your attention...
I need the actual quote and credits for the following paraphrase:

"Actors are cattle." "No, they're not!" "Have you ever watched them eat?"

Later, Dave Barton <> identified it:

It was Alfred Hitchcock on the TONIGHT SHOW WITH JOHNNY CARSON (Booth G. Daniels) then said:

I've heard a similar quote from the Mel Brooks' movie The Producers...
GENE WILDER: You can't kill the actors! They're people!
ZERO MOSTEL: Have you ever eaten with one?!
Or something along those lines.

Then, Stuart Wheaton <> added

Moliere wrote, "Actors are strange beasts to drive..."

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