Ross McKillop - Lighting and Theatre Lighting Design, Glasgow

Creative Lighting

I am no longer based in Glasgow or Central Scotland.
If you have lighting requirements I would suggest you contact The Stage Group, based in East Kilbride.

I continue to manage the Eurobeat SMS Voting directly for companies that require it.

I am a freelance lighting technician and designer with a good understanding of design and operation of lighting in theatre and events. I have undertaken relights of fringe shows, small UK tours, and have worked as an associate and assistant alongside lighting designers on larger scale productions.

I devised and designed an interactive architectual lighting project involving the control of coloured lighting by SMS text message for one of the UK's leading SMS service providers and a number of projects using the Philips Hue LED Lamp.

Whilst acting as LD for an amateur production of Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision I also designed and operate the Eurobeat SMS Text Voting system, which I continue to make available to other productions (whether or not I'm involved with lighting)

My Avolites Titan Mobile for Hire is now available via The Stage Group

Ross McKillop


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